News Time limits & special cases: When can car insurance be changed?

News Time limits & special cases: When can car insurance be changed? News always well informed

Wednesday, the 16.08.17 , written by Juliane Wellisch When buying a car, many a motorist concludes a car insurance and keeps it for years. This shows again and again that insured can save a lot of money by a regular comparison and change the car insurance. But when should car owners change their car 

 Auf Fristen und Sonderfälle achten beim Wechsel der Kfz-Versicherung

Change car insurance: When is a termination worthwhile?

  • Often a lot of money can be saved if drivers change their car insurance.
  • At termination, however, they must observe certain deadlines.
  • Whether a change personally worthwhile, motorists learn with a non-binding comparison to motor insurance.

Car owners, who have not changed their car insurance for years, may spend hundreds or thousands of euros overcharging . Because the insurers adjust their prices regularly and often try to undercut each other. How high your own savings potential is, can be quickly identified with an insurance comparison. But many drivers are unsure when they should or can change the car insurance.

Special right of termination: When can the car insurance be extraordinarily changed?

When buying a new car or a used car, it is basically possible to choose a different than the previous provider for the hedge. However, insured persons can cancel the existing policy without changing their vehicle and change the car insurance. However, certain deadlines apply.

Thus, there is the extraordinary termination of motor insurance. It is possible if the basic contribution to car insurance is increased or the insurer has regulated a loss. It is irrelevant whether the settlement of claims ran smoothly or benefits were denied. Upon receipt of the contribution adjustment or regulatory notice, the one-month period until which the termination must be received by the provider begins.

Important: Sometimes the basic contribution for auto insurance increases while the final insurance contribution decreases . This is the case, for example, if the vehicle is divided into a lower-priced type class or insured persons come into a better claim-free category. Therefore, it is advisable to read the message from the provider about the new post exactly . Because even in this example, it is possible to cancel and switch to a cheaper car insurance.

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When is it usually possible to change the car insurance?

Most motorists cancel their insurance at the end of the year. As a rule, the notice period is based on the calendar year. If you want to choose a different insurer for the next year, you have until 30th November to present the cancellation of the old insurance. For the motor vehicle liability insurance, however, it is necessary that a further insurance with another provider is guaranteed , as this is required by law in Germany.

In some cases, insured persons have not concluded their insurance contract for the calendar year, but during the year. Then the period of notice depends on the date of commencement of the contract . If, for example, the car was insured from 1 December, the deadline for the one-month notice period will be 31 October.

Tip: When changing the car insurance check new discounts

The motor insurers offer various discounts on the insurance contribution. These come into question, for example, when the vehicle is in a garage, the car owner works in public service or the vehicle is regularly controlled by one person. If you want to change your car insurance, you should look specifically for an insurer that offers as many of these discounts.

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