Bigbank personal loan up to € 4,000 without questions

Image result for bigbankWith the personal online loan of Bigbank it is possible to obtain up to 4,000 euros quickly and without too many formalities. You can use the money in whatever you feel like or need, since at no time do you have to justify its use. In addition, you will have total flexibility to return the credit.


Benefits No Payroll: Do not With Asnef: Do not Cash: Do not Limits Minimum term: 24 months Deadline: 60 months Minimum loan: € 1,000 Maximum loan: € 4,000

Additional information from Bigbank


 Bigbank is a bank that operates in several countries in Europe specializing in fast personal online loans . In Spain, its main product is the online personal loan and the ” loan plan ” linked to a specific plan and with a lower interest rate, of which it has already granted thousands, and which can be contracted through its website , these They allow you to get up to 15,000 euros in a fast and simple way , with requirements lower than those that banks usually impose. Of course, among other requirements will be necessary to be between 20 and 75 years old and reside in Spain. You must also be aware of the payments, so that people who appear on lists of defaulters such as RAI or Asnef will not be admitted, and you must have a payroll or a pension to justify that you have income.

With Bigbank you can get fast money to devote to what you want, whether to buy a car or a motorcycle, take a trip, pay your studies, make reforms at home or refinance any debt. As we have said in previous paragraphs, you will not need to justify what you are going to spend the credit money on. In addition, you will have the flexibility to return it , being able to postpone some quota, lengthen the amortization time or even ask for a grace period if you see that you have extra expenses that you did not count on and you will not be able to meet the payment of some fees.

How to request a personal loan in BigBank of up to € 4,000

To apply for a loan in Bigbank you have to access the website and fill out the online form. First you have to select the amount you need, between 1,000 and 4,000 € .

The personal, contact and economic data are then filled in. After this the feasibility study of the loan is started and the client obtains the response from BigBank in 24 hours after completing the request.


Once the request is made, filling in your personal data in the corresponding form, indicating the amount of money you need and the maximum period in which you want to return it, Bigbank will contact you in less than 24 hours. Once you have received all the necessary documentation and approved the personal loan, in less than 48 hours you will have the money in your account . The interest applied is 20% per annum (TIN) and you can return it up to 60 months if you wish.

and if you want a loan for a specific purpose and not for unforeseen events you can ask for the BigBank Plan Loan with a much lower interest, from only 5.75% TIN ..

Advantages of BigBank loans

Image result for advantagesDespite being included in the so-called ” fast loans “, Bigbank has the great advantage of being a banking entity, and therefore supervised by the corresponding regulatory entities. One of the main ones is that the interest rate of their loans is much lower than that of the financial ones of the fast loans online and much more according to what the traditional banks offer since the amounts are much higher and the terms of return They can extend up to 5 years.

Another interesting advantage is that the same client can request several loans, so that depending on the money returned, he can have a new one when he needs it, from the loan amount and up to the maximum amount that was granted.

Return the money in BigBank

When BigBank grants a loan, it gives the client a payment schedule to the client specifying the monthly installments and the expiration date of each installment. Unlike traditional banks, it is the client himself who must return the money each month in the own account of Santander bank of BigBank .

Payment can be made by direct transfer or deposit into the account indicating the loan contract number and the customer’s name. The payment must be received by BigBank at the maximum on the deadline established in the payment schedule.

The client can modify the payment schedule by postponing the monthly payments up to a maximum of 30 days provided that he is up to date with the payment and that he asks Bigbank for such modification. It also has a 60-day money back guarantee, that is, if you are not satisfied with the service or how Bigbank proceeds, you can return all the money within 60 days without charging interest or commissions.

Bigbank is a credit institution born in the Baltic countries, where it has a large presence, with many offices in Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden. It also offers its services in other European countries such as Holland, Germany, Austria and Spain. Its main products are personal loans for individuals and time deposits.